7:06 AM

Brendan's New Teaching Direction!

We just launched our brand new online video violin lesson series! One of the things that makes it user friendly (along with the reality that the videos will be a teacher to anyone who wants to learn to play the fiddle) is the fact that you and anyone you know can become part of our associate sales family.
Click here Music Lessons School to be directed to our brand new website!

If you go to: http://videolla.com/5064/shows/zsv0750/violinfiddle-lesson-part-1-violin-and-bow-anatomy
you can copy the Embed and past it on your own blog or website and make 50% of the sales!

We are really trying to get this series out there, and believe that it will provide a needed service in our communities!

Thanks for letting us bombard you all with this blurb. It is not our habit to include business info in our blog, but we just didn't want to let this pass by you all without you knowing about it!

Thank you!