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Update Pics of Our Handsome Tyler

1:58 PM

Our Precious Abigail Has Come!

Abigail came into the world on October 2nd, at 8:30 pm at the Bend St Charles Birthing center.

Sarah labored for 4 hours, and out came little 8 lb. 3 oz. 21" long Little Abigail Renee!

We rejoice at our Lord's uncountable answers to our prayers, and His loving kindness towards our little family. God is so good to us!

7:06 AM

Brendan's New Teaching Direction!

We just launched our brand new online video violin lesson series! One of the things that makes it user friendly (along with the reality that the videos will be a teacher to anyone who wants to learn to play the fiddle) is the fact that you and anyone you know can become part of our associate sales family.
Click here Music Lessons School to be directed to our brand new website!

If you go to: http://videolla.com/5064/shows/zsv0750/violinfiddle-lesson-part-1-violin-and-bow-anatomy
you can copy the Embed and past it on your own blog or website and make 50% of the sales!

We are really trying to get this series out there, and believe that it will provide a needed service in our communities!

Thanks for letting us bombard you all with this blurb. It is not our habit to include business info in our blog, but we just didn't want to let this pass by you all without you knowing about it!

Thank you!

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Celebrating Two years!

8:02 AM

Seasons Change, But God Doesn't

The short days of Winter have rolled into the now longer and sunnier days of Spring. Almost everywhere you can hear a singing bird, or a bubbling brook, or see a smiling flower, declaring without embarrassment, "Spring is here, and God has made us beautiful, to prove that He exists, and to declare His glory and to praise His wonderful name!"

We are so grateful that we get to enjoy these things. But far more than that, we are grateful that we have come to know the great God who formed all these things, and can by the power of His Holy Spirit within us join His creation and declare His wonders to our neighbors all around us!

As we are out and about doing our routine shopping, almost everyone comments on the weather: "it's about time that Spring is here," or "I was getting so sick of the cold," and many more such words. I like to remind them that "it is another day the the Lord has given us," and "God gives us what we need just at the right time." I find it amazing how discontented humanity is. We look forward at the end of Summer to cooler days, but when Winter comes it's just way too cold. Then we want it to be warm, but when we're in the heat of summer it's just far too hot! Will we ever be content with what God provides for us, and just appreciate the blessing of each season in it's time? At least we who love the Lord can, and be a testimony to those around us. "He hath made everything beautiful in his time" (Ecl. 3:10).

Sarah and I are constantly amazed at how the Lord, every moment we live, provides the things that we need, and exactly at the right time. Good times and bad times both, which are kind of like seasons: they come and go, but the God who rules over all our good times or bad knows just when we need them, and has already promised before they come that "all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose" (Rom. 8:28)

What we call a bad time is really just a moment in our lives when God is testing our faith to see whether we are going to trust Him, and still keep on rejoicing. When we experience what we call a good time, we are not really having to exercise faith, and are just floating along in a moment of seeing things go the way we like. I believe that our lives are made up of these two kinds of experiences. The Bible exhorts us in 1st Thessalonians chapter 5 verse 18 to give thanks in everything, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning us.

The biggest reason of all for giving thanks in everything (and even for everything [Eph 5:20]), is that God doesn't change! The Bible declares that "Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning" (James 1:17). He will never leave us nor forsake us (Heb 13:5), He has promised to provide all our needs (Phil 4:19), and His mercy endures forever (Psalm 136:7)!

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Fun shots

We have been enjoying capturing funny, fun, sweet and interesting pictures of Tyler, and anything else we think we could get a nice shot of. It can be tough to get a good picture of your baby when he can't sit still for two seconds! Most of them are blurry or he blinked, or like the other day when I happened to get a picture of a big spit up--right after he ate avocado. What fun memories!!! Here are a few pictures we got that we think are so sweet. Hope you enjoy them.

Aren't my little teeth cute!

Tulips Brendan bought for me. We had fun snapping shots as they changed each day!

I need help! He climbs up here and always cries for help.

1:57 PM

From Sarah

Hi Everybody,
I thought I would sit down and write a quick post since it has been so long.

My days seem to filled with feeding my baby, making sure I get enough to eat, getting some much needed rest and of course trying to take all my vitamins, which is like the hardest thing ever!!!

I have been relaxing at home watching some sweet movies, and pretty much laying on the couch, watching my husband wash dishes, fold laundry and all sorts of other things.

I love my husband!!!

It was a beautiful day here yesterday and the three of us went out for a nice walk, as it really helps my pregnancy.......O yes, that's a whole other story. I had it very set in my mind that I really did not want to be pregnant again until Tyler was at least one year old....Well, the Lord had other plans for us, and saw fit to give us the amazing blessing of having another beautiful little baby to hold, care for and love so very much. I am so blessed!!!

What fun.....so cute

We have been enjoying making our espresso in the mornings. Daddy just has to have his morning coffee fix. I am not doing much coffee these days, but I sure do enjoy making it and seeing how much smooth foam I can get with our frother.

Here is a picture of Daddy with his coffee.....so silly

Here are a few more pictures from this past month....

My sweet family. I love them so much and look forward to meeting our new baby later this year.

3:16 PM


I was close to tears (but I tried to just do the manly thing, and hold them back) when the doctor showed us the little ultrasound screen which revealed the little, tiny precious baby in Mommy's womb. It was our very first sight of him/her, and our hearts flooded with joy! I praised the Lord for this gift, and there is no way to thank and praise Him enough for His kindness towards us, but we do it anyway.

We have pictures also now, which the doc graciously printed off for us from the ultrasound. Our baby is just a little over 9 weeks old now, about 1 inch long, and so much development has already happened, with it's heart beating oh so strong. We look forward to hearing that little heart beat in a few short weeks!

The thought of having another baby has settled down into our minds and hearts, and we can't wait (of course, that's easy for me to say, I don't have to carry him/her for nine months, and have it)!!!

Mommy doesn't feel like doing much these days, with so much giving of herself in nursing Tyler, and building the baby inside, and trying to eat enough to keep her weight up. Daddy get's the rare privilege of being at home with his work. This enables him to help Mommy keep up with the unending household chores. You know, laundry, laundry (oops! I already said that), dishes, sweeping, vacuuming, cooking, dishes (oh no, I think I already said that too:) etc.

We love living amongst family and friends here in central Oregon, where the sun shines so much more than in the valley where we grew up (Eugene area). The snow finally came last week, about 6 inches or so. It pretty much already melted off, which is kind of nice for driving and keeping our parking spaces clean behind the house. Some of our poor neighbors spent a lot of time shoveling the snow, only to have it melt in a day or two--but I am sure they thought the exercise was well worth it, which I am sure I would have benefited from also. But, here I sit, getting fatter and fatter. Hmmm...Honey mentioned taking a walk this afternoon, since it's so nice....Maybe I will get some exercise in (or rather, out:) after all!

Our 2nd anniversary is creeping up on us, with just 2 and a half months to go. I can hardly believe it! We thought about heading over to Hawaii to enjoy more sun and some actually warm water (we can't imagine what that's like, since we're used to our dear old Oregon Coast, where we can catch cold after barely dipping our toes in the water--it's so cold!). We may end up in Victoria B.C., where we went for our honeymoon.

Tyler's been helping us keep our floor clean, picking up every little tiny barely see-able particle he can find, which he tries to stick in his mouth before Mommy or Daddy can get to him. This, and many other things he does keeps us very entertained and sometimes gives us cause for concern. He likes to push the limit...at only 8 months old?! We found him the other day cleaning the toilet seat. It was considerate of him, but we immediately persuaded him that that was our job, then he moved on to one of his very favorite activities--watching the washing machine work. You see, it has one of those round glass doors on it through which you can watch the whole cleaning process. Every so often he becomes afraid of it, and into Mommy's or Daddy's arms he runs.

Tyler is now eating over a cup of solid food a day (I still don't know why they call it solid, it seems pretty runny to me). He is pretty picky about what he eats. Currently, his diet consists of avocado, homemade brown rice cereal, egg yoke, pureed pear, apple, plum and banana, and lots of yogurt. Usually we combine a few of these ingredients.

We are sure now that he is the cutest baby in the world. -Brendan

2:18 PM

Pictures of our little baby boy!!

11:13 AM

Happy New Year!

Hallelujah! Another year has come, and we are rejoicing in the blessing of the Lord, and His abundant goodness towards us, and all His saints!

Sarah and I think back on last year's events, and are amazed at how the Lord has led us, and how wonderfully He has provided for us. What the Lord has done for us, we can not tell it all (this is what we were singing this morning)!

He gave us a beautiful baby boy, whom we love beyond words, and are so excited to see his progress day by day, which is far greater than we expected. Wow, little did we know all that the Lord would teach us through him (although we know this is just the beginning), and all the joys he would bring to our hearts, in soooooo many ways!

He kept us in our lovely home, which is our favorite little spot in the world.

He gave us a cozy pellet stove which Daddy learned how to install with the help of kind friends and neighbors.

He grew Sarah and I closer together (although it is hard to believe that we could be closer than we already were, in our estimation).

He gave us a special thanksgiving day with part of our family.

He kept an abundant supply of food on our table and in our cupboards, regardless of how slim the finances looked.

He kept daddy safe in an accident, where both vehicles involved were totaled.

He gave us a sweet and happy First Anniversary vacation getaway, where we were able to enjoy the last days of just us--a little over a month before baby Tyler came into the world.

He gave us 6 new nieces and nephews to love, pray for and inspire in the Lord (making a total of 25 altogether, I believe).

He kept our five puppies safe from a life threatening disease (which at least 2 local vets agreed that they would get), and each of them went to loving homes, while supplying much needed finances for us.

He gave us a beautiful summer and fall, in which we were able to get some sweet photos of our little family, and take nice walks, enjoying the special scenery.

He kept us healthy, in spite of all the sickness going around.

He kept gas in the rigs.

He supplied through friends and family and Daddy's work many, many special things which Tyler needed immediately at birth and beyond--clothes, toys, cribs, bassinets, bouncer, car seat, stroller and much more.

he supplied a new (used but in excellent condition) computer.

He blessed with many special fellowship meetings on Sunday evenings where we meet in Tumalo with a dear local group of saints.

He surrounded us with brethren who with their counsel in many things inspired and helped us in the Lord.

He blessed our marriage with a local newlywed marriage retreat, which we hold dear to our hearts, along with those precious saints who minister there. They, the retreat, and those who attend are in our prayers.

And the list goes on and on, and I don't think I could ever think of all the many amazing ways our loving heavenly Father has blessed us and has been with us. That takes me back to the song we were singing this morning, altogether now, "What the Lord has done for me, I can not tell it all...(and the crowning of all His blessings, above all else by far), "He saved me, and He washed me in His blood!"

Now for this year, we have something we want to share with are readers something that we can't wait to share until next year--Sarah is pregnant!!!

Our hearts our so filled with joy, amazement and thankfulness to the Lord for answering our prayer and the desire of our heart, even if it was before we expected it or planned (Our Father knows best, and we want our family planning to be done by Him). My eyes well up with tears, and my heart is overwhelmed at just the though of having another precious baby to hold, comfort, protect and cherish! And that very baby is being formed in Sarah's womb at this very moment--wow!

We love being parents, and look forward to the whole beginning process again with joy and hearts filled with love for this heavenly gift He has so kindly bestowed upon us.

Thank you for sharing in our joy, and for your prayers too!

Blessings in Christ our Lord,

Brendan, Sarah and baby Tyler

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Tyler's Birth Album

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