4:55 PM

So Thankful!

I just recovered from yet another breast infection. They make me feel so run down, and I ache everywhere. I spent most of the weekend just relaxing and watching movies. My husband was so sweet to help in every way possible (as he always does). I am so blessed in so many ways, and sometimes I don't even realize all the blessings I have, and will complain about what I don't have. We truly have so many things to be thankful for that we could never think of them all!

I first and foremost have an amazing God who has sent his Son to die for me, so that we can have ETERNAL life with Him. Wow, for that alone I should be so grateful (which I am).

He has blessed me beyond my dreams, with an amazing husband who loves the children and I, and gives of himself every waking and sleeping moment. While I have been dealing with this breast infection, he so sweetly brought me water and vitamin c every 30 minutes! Along with garlic, snacks, and watching the kids, so that I could take a hot shower like 3 times a day. He has made us breakfast almost every morning since we have been married ( amazing omelets, potatoes, pancakes, crepes, biscuits...etc.) and I am so grateful. He shows me how much he truly loves me each and every day. I love you Brendan!!!

And my sweet precious children! They are so amazing, and keep us laughing and light hearted...well, most of the time!!! I have learned so much from having them, and have learned also from them to enjoy the little things of life. They are such a joy and I thank the Lord for them everyday.

I am thankful for the health we have, for family, our nice cozy home, all the food we have, a warm soft bed to crawl into every night, a working (and much nicer) minivan to drive in, our church friends and the list goes on and on!!!

We just got home from Costco with a nice van full of groceries. Every month I am so grateful that we have the money to purchase all the food, diapers, wipes, clothes, and everything else we need, along with the ability to pay our many bills. The Lord is so good to us!

I want to encourage everyone to take each day and think about the things your are thankful for, and all the many, many blessings we have. Until next time....

Brendan here:

As I think about the many blessings the Lord has showered on us, I want to thank Him for always being with us, as the Scripture promises us in Hebrews 13:5, "Be content with such things as ye have: for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee." From the moment I first met the Lord, He has always shown me His great provision in all things, and after salvation, in which He brought me to himself as a child, I must say I am thankful for my beautiful wife, whom the Lord brought to me in answer to so many years of prayers! And that she is always blessing me with her help, counsel, support, cheer and just so much of her amazing adorableness. I am also thankful that she forgives me when I fall short of being all of the man I want to be for. When I am away from her for a moment, I immediately miss her so much. I am grateful to be able to be with her as much as I am, with me working at home and all. In sickness and in health, she means more to me than all the universe, and I am always challenged and inspired by her courage, perseverance and faithfulness, serving by my side.

The next two joys of my heart are surely our children, who are such precious gifts from God. I pray continually that we will have His love and wisdom to raise them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Parenting puts us on our knees so much! It is so simple, yet so complex, and I am thankful that in all my failure to be the father I want to be, our children still look at me with their big, adoring eyes, and now Tyler calls me Daddy. My eyes want to overflow with tears when I contemplate the reality and sweetness of this thought. I think that at this point, I'm the only man Abigail will allow to hold her, or as Tyler puts it, holder (when he wants to holder:). Just this morning in meeting she took one look at a young man, a long time friend of mine, and started to wail, plunging her pretty little head into my shoulder. I can't imagine life without them, and all the thrill and joy they bring to our hearts. They are more humorous than I ever thought they could be too, bringing so much laughter into our home.

There are countless more things for which I thank the Lord for, but I don't want to make this blog too long, so Until next time....