7:22 PM

A Matter of Faith

I write because I know how valuable God's lessons to me have been regarding faith, and am continually reminded of my own lack of it. I feel just like the children of Israel when they experienced God's miraculous provision in some thing, like the Red Sea deliverance, and in just a matter of days later were complaining that there was no water, and they didn't believe that God was going to supply it for them. How foolish we shortsighted and faithless humans can be! But, God does allow our unbelief to humble us, and remind us that we need to trust Him more.

When Jesus was on the boat with the disciples during the harsh storm in which the disciples thought they were about to perish, He was sleeping in the bottom of the boat on a pillow! He was trusting fully in the Father, and was never moved, storm or no storm. Wow, what an example of faith for us! He declared to the disciples when they called upon Him to save them, "where is thy faith?" Truly, He got to the root of their problem, and it wasn't the storm, it was their lack of faith. It had sprouted wings and flown away. Saints, it is often the same with us.

We are so prone to not look to God in our desperate circumstances, and let the circumstances control our attitude. the the Lord may be saying the same thing to us as He declared to the disciples so long ago, "where is thy faith?"

Faith is alive and well in our hearts when we believe that God is in charge, and will not let anything happen to us which would not be beneficial to us, and in some way be a means to make us more like Jesus. Even when we do and say things we wish we hadn't. In retrospect, faith would believe that God will also turn that around for good. When we exercise this kind of faith, we can then be thankful in everything, and for everything, as the Scripture exhorts us to do in Ephesians and 1st Thess..

Having considered this, I can't help but think that the attitude which we may enjoy while walking by faith would be a joyful one of dependance on Christ, and cheer to others whom He has placed in our lives to minister to. How much would we like to be an encouragement to our brethren? Particular to those closest to us? We will be more than encouraging and will also be filled with His abundant peace that passeth all understanding, if we strive to walk trusting God in everything, and for everything, boldly entering into His presence in believing prayer with the confidence that "with God, all things are possible."  -Brendan