3:12 PM

Whats Been going on With Us!!

Life has been busy, and we have neglected writing anything for a while.
We took a trip down to California in mid March, and to my disappointment it was cold and rainy. We had a sweet time anyway, and had lots of special time to chat, listen to fun music and observe the scenery as we drove along the windy freeway. We are back home now enjoying our cozy little home. Brendan has been doing a lot around the house, as I am now in my third trimester of pregnancy and feeling tired and don't get around to doing a lot of things. He is such a great husband, serving me all day and night!! Morning time is always a wonderful time for me. I wake up totally starving and Brendan gets up and makes the most amazing breakfast I have ever had. He fixes omelets with all sorts of things in them, along with cubed potatoes and sometimes a fruit smoothie. How could I ever be so spoiled!! Our little baby is doing just great, moving all around and getting those cute little hiccups, which we love to feel. On another note, Brendan got everything he needed for our home bakery licensing, and he is now baking lots of the world best scones for some local coffee shops. I wasn't to sure about it at first, cause I don't exactly love all the rules they set for our kitchen, but it is going well now.
 The Lord has taught me a lot through this pregnancy about worry and leaving everything with him. I find a new thing to worry about every day (about the baby), and have had to realize that I can do nothing about it except pray, and trust that he has everything in his hand. May the Lord encourage you all out there, and may you know that He cares and wants us to rest totally and completely in Him. -Sarah