1:27 PM

The Joys of sleeping on the floor!

Right after Christmas we got our first sickness in over a year, the kids had croup! It was pretty mind but still required steamy showers during the night. We were up several nights in a row with coughing little ones who wanted lots of cuddles. At first i was very frustrated and just wanted to sleep. But as the days moved on, I started to enjoy sleeping on the family room floor. I got to spend some sweet time reading, telling stories, watching movies, and just relaxing with the kiddos. Meanwhile I sold our bed...yes I know, usually one would get a new one first but I was waking up to sore and tired that I wasn't sleeping on it anyway. It also made it more of a priority to get a new mattress since the old was gone{I know how to work these things}. Well, after 6 weeks of floor and couch we got a BED, yay!

It was like honeymoon all over again :) My husband has been so sweet to help with so many things. What would I ever do without him?? I guess I wouldn't and that is why The Lord blessed me with such a great man in my life. He loves, serves, and cherishes the children and I every day!

We also got tyler his first pet!!! he is super excited and loves on this little guy so much.

To end this blog I want to say thank you to everyone involved in our lives. Your such a blessing to us!
until next time,